The covid-19 crisis has forced all industries and markets to rethink the way they run their business. And the Consumer Tech industry is no exception to that. While local trade events will probably restart in the near future, we believe that International Trade Show will be the last one on the list to be held with the same level of audience.

At ChannelHub we have not waited for the Covid crisis to start thinking about the digitalization of our industry. Our online platform is now in operation for more than 2 years allowing hundreds of vendors, retailers and distributors to make profitable business connections.

With this new initiative of online One-to-One events, we have now achieved the squaring of the circle; combining the power of digital tools with the value of face-to-face meetings.


  • Quality: we only deal with senior executives from the consumer tech channel across EMEA, people with decision making power. Audience quality is our motto and half of our team is only dedicated to select and invite the right audience to our event

  • Efficiency: we value your time! whether you are a senior executive in a retail chain, or a product manager in a distribution house or a sales director at a vendor company, your time is your most precious asset. At Retail Connect One-on-One EMEA we use technology to filter the information and suggest you only the right match for your meetings

  • Human Touch: we all know that at the end of the day, business is only possible when people can talk face-to-face; At Retail Connect One-to-One EMEA, not only we use the latest video-conferencing solution but our team is always behind the scene to help each participant at every step of the way.



Knowledge is an inextricable part of all business making decisions. Retail Connect One-to-One brings you a comprehensive programme of keynote and workshops from industry leading research houses to guide you in the current economic turmoil.


All your meetings are fully curated and pre-scheduled to maximize your productivity. Our exclusive meeting scheduler allows you to setup various kind of meetings: One-to-one, One-to-few, Many-to-Many.


Vendors take the stage for 3 minutes to pitch their newest product in front of the entire audience.  A live vote will allow buyers to vote for the best product in various product groups.

fireside chat (2).png


Sponsors take the central seat with our host to share their vision, product roadmap, channel strategy...

Each Fireside chat is at 15 min with Q&A opened for the public



30 minutes presentation and discussion sponsored by one of the event vendors.

Each room has a capacity of 20 seats

Vendors can invite selected buyers to join their session



Get ready to be surprised by the level of personal interaction during our Digital Networking session. Reconnect  with old industry friends, customers, competitors,   suppliers and of course connect with all other participants.